Skylights Replacement and Repair

Skylights provide natural lighting to areas of the house during the day, making it energy and cost efficient. This sustainable light source option not only illuminates areas without traditional windows or the use of light bulbs, but it is also packed with numerous benefits. This includes improved physical and mental health, increased productivity and provides visually appeasing lighting.

There are three main types of skylights - fixed, ventilating and tubular. Each may come in different shapes - flat, domed, arched and pyramid. Contact us for more information on the different types of skylights.

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Skylight Installation & Replacement in Mississauga and Surrounding Area

To maximize your warranty, the best time to add or replace skylights is during a new roof installation or a roof replacement. This allows us to water-tighten the skylight to the manufacturer specifications. At Nailed It Roofing & Construction, we can provide skylight solutions that reduce your electrical costs while also enhancing your home or work environment.

Skylight Repair In Mississauga

Over time, the sun’s UV rays may cause the rubber seals around the glass of the skylight to shrink, thus resulting the leaking around the skylight. When this happens, a skylight repair is required and in some extreme cases, skylight replacement may be recommended. The best solution is to contact Nailed It Roofing & Construction, as we will assess the situation and provide recommendations accordingly.

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Choosing the best type of skylight for your home may be tricky. Give us a call and allow our skylight specialist to walk you through the various options. Our goal is to find you the most suitable skylight while staying within your budget.

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